When decorating your Christmas tree this year, consider using a unique theme, such as a peacock.

Peacock feathers are prized around the world, and the color combination is beautiful.

You can take the peacock theme literally and use actual peacock feathers and ornaments that look like a peacock to decorate your Christmas tree, or you can be inspired by the color combination and decorate your Christmas tree is a more subtle way.

Here is one interpretation of how to decorate a Christmas tree in a peacock theme using the colors blue, green, and brown.

 How to decorate a blue, green, and brown peacock themed christmas tree

The first step in decorating any Christmas tree is to add the Christmas lights. 

Even if you have a pre-lit Christmas tree, feel free to add more lights for added sparkle and drama.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on the best way to add lights, see the article Designer Secrets for How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree.


If you have an artificial Christmas tree, you should fluff it to ensure it looks full and does not have any holes.

The simple act of fluffing a Christmas tree properly can make lesser expensive Christmas trees look much more expensive.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fluff a Christmas tree, see the article How to Fluff and Artificial Christmas Tree into the Correct Shape.


Garland and Bow
After the Christmas tree is properly fluffed, you should add the garland.

The Christmas tree above uses burlap garland on a natural beige color that is 6 inches wide, however you can use whatever garland you wish.

One large bow was created using about 20 feet of garland, however you might need more than one bow for your tree.  You could use 2 bows back to back, or even 3 or 4, depending on how many sides of your Christmas tree are visible.

Each strip of garland running from the top of the Christmas tree to the bottom is approximately 1-1/2 times the height of the tree.  This tree is about 7 foot tall, and it used about 10-1/2 feet of garland per strip.

The strips were attached to the top of the tree by bending the branches to hold it in place.  If you have a real Christmas tree, you can use floral wire to secure your garland at the top.

After each strip is attached to the top of the tree, let it fall to the ground and tuck it gently into your Christmas tree approximately every 18 inches down.  You might want to tuck it every 12 inches at the top and gradually increase the tuck dimension as you work your way down the tree. 

You can bend your artificial Christmas tree branches to keep the garland in place, or you can use floral wire.

The bottom of the garland should tuck between the bottom two levels of branches. 

Assuming your garland was on a roll, use the natural curve of your garland to your advantage when tucking it into your Christmas tree.

Continue adding garland strips all the way around the visible sides of your Christmas tree.

If you put your Christmas tree against a window, keep in mind what the tree will look like from outside, so make sure to decorate all sides.


Peacock Feathers
The Christmas tree above is decorated using man made glittered peacock feathers.

The peacock feathers are displayed on every other loop of garland, alternating location on every other strip of garland, excluding the very top loop that is too small.

Since the Christmas tree theme is peacock, the feathers are given a very prominent location to reinforce the theme.


Floral Picks
Floral picks fill in holes and add dimension to the Christmas tree by the addition of different shapes and sizes.

The Christmas tree above uses floral picks that look like little berries on a branch. 

Both light brown/champagne colored floral picks and glittered bold blue floral picks were used.


Large Ornaments
The Christmas tree above uses 3 types of large ornaments - a glittered bronze/brown, a sequin bronze/brown, and a glittered gold.

The bronze/brown ornaments have a diameter of approximately 3-1/2 inches and the gold ornaments have a diameter of approximately 4 inches.

The larger ornaments make the Christmas decorations look much more expensive.

When using similar ornaments, use the colors in different proportions to make the Christmas tree look more interesting and less predictable.  The Christmas tree above uses twice as many brown/brown ornaments as gold ornaments.

Tip - the taller your tree, the larger your ornaments should be.  If your Christmas tree is over 8 feet tall, your standard sized ornaments should be 3-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter and your large ornaments should be closer to 6 inches in diameter.


Standard Sized Ornaments
Several different colors of standard sized sphere Christmas ornaments were added to this tree.

The colors include a champagne glitter, a shiny bold blue, a matte bold blue, a glittered light blue, a glittered aqua, a matte aqua, and a shiny aqua.

Tip - glass sphere ornaments look best, but shatterproof ornaments have come a long way by looking less cheap, so consider using shatterproof ornaments if you are accident prone or have small children.


Pine Cones
For a natural look, and to add more texture, fill in the holes of your Christmas tree with pine cones.

You can use large or small pine cones, however many people like to use smaller ones towards the top of the Christmas tree and larger ones towards the bottom.

If you are lucky, you can simply pick some up out of your yard or your neighbor's yard (make sure to ask for permission first). 

Another option is to collect them from a park, however be mindful because some parks do not allow the removal of pine cones.

Purchasing pine cones is also an option.


For a lush and full Christmas tree, continue to add different items of different textures and colors.

The Christmas tree above uses grapevine spheres that are lightly painted a gold color.

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Christmas Tree Skirt
You can purchase a ready-made Christmas tree skirt, you can make your own Christmas tree skirt, or you can simply drape fabric around your tree and cover it with gifts.

The Christmas tree above uses draped fabric in the bronze/brown color of the large ornaments. 

Since the Christmas tree is located in a corner, the fabric overlap can be hidden in the back.


Christmas Gifts
The final step in decorating your Christmas tree is to make sure to color coordinate your gift wrap.

Too many people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars decorating their Christmas tree, but don't give a thought to their gift wrap.  Often they just throw gifts into recycled gift bags or use whatever juvenile wrapping paper is on sale at their local big box store.

Your Christmas gifts are actually part of your Christmas decorations, so make sure to be thoughtful with your gift wrap.

The Christmas tree above uses natural brown colored gift bags, a white colored gift bag, 3 different colored blue gift bags, and a natural colored wrapped box with a blue ribbon.  Some gift wrap accessories include a faux evergreen branch with a gold bell and blue ribbins with an aqua ornament.

For more information on Christmas gift wrap, see the article How to Color Coordinate Your Gift Wrap with Your Christmas Tree.


For a more detailed view of this Christmas tree, see the video below.


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