Many people love to decorate their homes for Christmas.

One area of a home that is perfect for decorating is a staircase because it is large and can make a grand statement.

Here are the steps for how to decorate garland on a staircase, along with some tips, tricks, and ideas.

how to decorate staircase garland

The Shape of the Garland
There are many different ways to attach garland to your staircase.

You can swag it, put it at the bottom of the spindles, wrap it around the handrail, and many other options.

For help deciding which way is best for your stairs, see the article Different Ways to Attach Garland to a Staircase.

After you have attached the garland to your staircase, make sure to bend the branches to fluff it into a full shape.

Tips -
1)  When selecting Christmas lights for your garland, consider whether you want to use standard lights or lights that are oversized spheres and look like ornaments

2)  Whichever you choose, make sure that the wires are the same color as your garland to make them less visible. 

3)  Ensure that you have considered where you will plug in your lights so that the cord is not too visible and that it is long enough to reach the outlet.

4)  If you are unable to plug in your lights, consider using battery powered Christmas lights.

The image below shows the deep swag method.  It uses 2 strands of very basic garland and one string of Christmas lights braided together to minimize the visibility of the light cords.

garland with lights


Add Ribbons and Bows
After you have attached your garland to your staircase, you can now start decorating.

Trick - turn on your Christmas lights while you decorate to get a better understanding of how the lighting will affect your decor.

Most people will add ribbons and bows to their staircase garland, however this step is optional.

If you want ribbons or bows, select some that compliment your color scheme.  They can be solid colored or have a pattern.

The image below shows oversized gold bows at the top of each of the garland swags.

garland with bows


Other Decorations
After the ribbons and bows are on your Christmas garland, you can add all of your other decorations.

Start by adding your larger items, then finish with your smaller items.

You can add them so that the decorations are very symmetrical (a more traditional method), or you can make add them asymmetrically (a more contemporary and dynamic method).

Some ideas of items to add include:  Christmas ornaments, floral picks, pine cones, tinsel, smaller bows, rhinestones, and anything else that you desire.

Consider using a variety of textures for interest.

Here are a few ideas for how you can decorate your staircase for Christmas this year.

garland in peacock theme

The photo above shows staircase garland decorate in a peacock theme.  It uses a bronze colored garland of tiny spheres, glittered peacock floral picks, bold blue sphere floral picks, and pine cones for a natural feel.


garland in a colorful purple color scheme

The photo above shows staircase garland decorated in a colorful contemporary way.  The purple, turquoise, and magenta color scheme was set by 2 different ornaments that incorporate all of the colors.  This garland uses the 2 different multi-colored ornaments as well as solid colored turquoise, purple, and magenta ornaments in a variety of shapes.


garland in a champagne and gray or silver color scheme

The photo above shows a Christmas garland in a monochromatic color scheme.  It is decorated using oversized glittered Christmas ornaments, average sized champagne and gray ornaments, champagne colored snowflake ornaments, champagne colored sphere floral picks, and twigs wrapped in a sphere dusted in gold.  The variety of textures is what makes this monochromatic color scheme interesting.


Christmas garland with snowflakes and red bows

The photo above shows a Christmas garland decorated in the traditional colors of red and green.  The simple decoration uses large red bows, mirrored snowflake ornaments, and pine cones.


Christmas garland with many basic colorful sphere ornaments

The photo above shows a very fun and colorful way to decorate Christmas garland on a staircase.  It is loaded with many solid colored sphere Christmas ornaments in many different colors to coordinate with the other Christmas decorations in the room.  The ornaments are gray, silver, aqua, purple, blue, red, and magenta.  You can use whatever colors you want, even one color, to make a very dramatic display.  For added interest, the Christmas ornaments are many different sizes. 


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