Having a low maintenance home is not only good for the environment, it is good for your weekend. 

You will not have to do as many home improvement projects or as much cleaning during your time off of work. 

Here are some ideas for making your home more low maintenance. 

Low Maintenance Home Ideas for Your Homephoto courtesy of Susan Serra flickr.com/photos/kitchendesigner/3511970431Smaller House
Consider purchasing a smaller home or even a condo or town home. 

A smaller home requires less maintenance and a condo or town home will have most of the maintenance taken care of with your monthly fees.


Durable Materials
Select building materials and interior furnishings that will last longer and are more durable for a lower maintenance house. 

The more durable materials may not be as fashionable and may cost more, but they will save you time and money in the long run.


Select a home with a low maintenance exterior or change the exterior of your home to become more low maintenance. 

Select siding materials that do not require painting, such as vinyl or brick instead of wood. 

Consider a roof made of metal instead of traditional shingles. 

Purchase plant materials that do not require a lot of water or attention and are appropriate for your climate. 

Consider removing part or all of your lawn and replace it with low maintenance plants or other ground cover, such as artificial grass or stone. 

Avoid real wood decks that might require continual resealing. 

Swimming pools are also a source of continual mantenance.  Use your community pool or health club instead or putting one in your backyard.


Select durable flooring that can withstand the constant abuse of your family, pets, and friends. 

Carpet can stain and wood can warp, so be cautious if using these materials. 

Tile is a good option, but make sure the grout is the color of dirt else it will always look stained. 

Natural stone tile will require sealing to keep it from staining. 

Seamless sheet flooring is a great choice that is becoming more stylish. 

Avoid shiny surfaces that can scratch and show spots.


Select countertops that are seamless to keep dirt from getting stuck in the gaps. 

A solid surface countertop is a great option, unlike tile that has grout that could stain or granite that requires sealing. 

An under mount sink is preferred so you can sweep debris into the sink. 

Select a countertop with a pattern instead of a solid colored one that will show every grain of salt.


Select cabinets that reach to the ceiling to avoid dusting above them for lower maintenance. 

If your cabinets do not reach the ceiling, do not put accessories above them that collect dust. 

Avoid cabinets or bookshelves with open shelving that will require dusting.


Avoid fancy light fixtures, lamps, and ceiling fans that require dusting. 

Select recessed lighting instead to reduce maintenance.


Select windows that tilt inside your home so you can clean them without a ladder or climbing through your landscaping. 

Avoid window treatments that collect dust, such as traditional blinds and shutters. 

Consider using in window blinds to avoid the collection of dust. 


Make your shower walls a solid material instead of tile that will attract mold and mildew. 

Avoid clear glass shower doors that will require cleaning after every shower to keep spot free. 

Consider getting a floor drain that will allow you to hose down the entire room. 

Commercial fixtures, such as a wall hung toilet and a faucet with motion sensors, are great ways to reduce maintenance. 

Wall hung toilets have fewer joints to clean and you can easily mop the floor underneath. 

Motion sensor sink faucets do not require anyone to touch a handle that might get dirty and require cleaning.


Dirt Containment
Keeping dirt out of your home will require less time cleaning. 

Consider removing shoes before entering your home. 

Make sure to have a good door mat to remove dirt from shoes. 

Select a home with a mudroom to contain the dirty shoes and wet coats.


Avoid solid colors, such as white or black, that will show every bit of dirt and any little scuff. 

Patterned or medium toned colors hide dirt better. 

Consider the colors of your walls, upholstery, bath towels, and everything in between.


Avoid too many accessories that require dusting in your home. 

Buy fewer items that are larger and make more of a statement instead of many smaller items.  


Consider a robotic vacuum for areas that are constantly getting dirty, such as the kitchen or breakfast room. 

Anything that is self cleaning will reduce your maintenance. 


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