Many people desire a bedroom that is their refuge at the end of the day. 

They want a bedroom that is calming and creates serenity. 

Here are several ways to decorate your bedroom to make it more calm and serene.

How to Make Your Bedroom More Calm and Serenephoto courtesy of Kendyl Young

Before attempting to decorate a room, you must first remove all clutter. 

Clutter creates anxiety and is not at all calming.  Find a home for everything, including your everyday items - cell phone, purse, etc. 

Your bedroom should not be your home office, so keep stressful items like bills and work related items out of your bedroom.


Make Your Bedroom More Calm and Serenephoto courtesy of EYA
Select a color palette for your bedroom that incorporates a light pastel color or white with wood tones. 

Wood tones are reminiscent of nature that most people find calming.  The light colors help to relax your eyes.


Patterns demand attention, so avoid them in rooms that you desire serenity. 

Instead of patterns, select solid fabrics or patterns with little color variation.


Allow several light sources in your bedroom that are dimmable. 

Being able to customize your lighting will allow perfect lighting during different times of day and during different activities.


Bring elements of nature into your calm bedroom.  You can have fresh flowers, a flowering plant, and/or a live tree. 

Avoid fake plants and flowers that only collect dust.


Display minimal items in your bedroom in order to make it more serene. Avoid too much artwork and accessories. 

Remove everything that is not totally necessary and items that you do not find restful, peaceful, calming, and serene.


Make Your Bed
A bed that is made creates a more calming and serene room than a bed that is always messy. 

Make a habit of always making your bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning. 

This task should take 2 minutes or less yet make a great difference in the serenity of your bedroom.






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