If your bedroom feels small and crowded, you may only need to make a few changes instead of looking for a new house. 

Just a few simple changes can make your room feel differently.

Here are a few ways to make your bedroom look bigger and more spacious.


How to Make Your Bedroom Look Biggerphoto courtesy of Mazzali flickr.com/photos/mazzali/2527547172/Clutter
Clutter of all types makes any room feel smaller. 

Remove all paperwork, extra pillows, unnecessary accessories, small pieces of furniture, and easel picture frames. 

A fewer quantity of items that are larger makes a room feel bigger. 

Instead of easel frames, wall mount a few of your most important photos to reduce clutter. 

Find a hidden place for your everyday items such as your purse, cell phone, keys, and coat instead of just dumping them on any empty horizontal surface.


Everyone loves a large bed, but do you need a tall bed? 

Tall mattresses are popular, but they make your room feel smaller because the ceiling is closer to the bed. 

Consider using half height box springs on your bed to bring it down to a reasonable level. 

Four poster beds also create a visual barrier in your room and make it seem smaller than it actually is, so avoid beds that extend vertically into the air at the footboard. 

To maximize space, use a wall mounted headboard and no foot board to gain a few precious inches of floor space and make your bedroom look bigger.  

If you sleep in a twin sized bed, use a daybed that is pushed against the wall to allow more floor space that will make your bedroom seem bigger.

For a really tight space, consider getting a loft bed which is like a bunk bed except there is only one bed on top and an open space below.

Another bed option for a small space is a murphy bed that folds up into the wall when not needed allowing for more floor space.


Entertainment Center
If you have a matching bedroom furniture, you may have a large entertainment center for your TV. 

These entertainment centers are usually deep to accommodate an older TV. 

Consider relocating your entertainment center to another room and using it for storage. 

You can get a wall mounted TV and a low and shallow media storage unit to make your bedroom feel bigger.


Furniture with Legs
Instead of having furniture that extends all the way to the ground, select furniture that has legs. 

Furniture legs allow you to see some of the flooring underneath the furniture, making the floor space look larger and the bedroom feel bigger.


Multifunctional Pieces
Consider using fewer pieces of furniture that have more than one use to give your small bedroom more floor space.

You can position your dresser next to your bed so it is also a nightstand.

Another option is to put a mirror over your desk so it is also a vanity table.

Also consider having a platform bed with drawers underneath instead of a separate bed and dresser.


lookbigger16photo courtesy of www.sykescottages.co.ukBedding
Brightly colored or bold patterned bedding with many colors and shapes (such as a floral pattern) tends to draw too much attention and makes a room feel cluttered. 

Opt for simple solid or geometric bedding in a light color to brighten your bedroom and make it feel larger. 

White sheets are always in fashion.

Avoid using bed skirts that hide the flooring underneath, making the room feel smaller.


A dark room feels smaller, so ensure there is plenty of light in your bedroom. 

Avoid heavy and dark curtains made of thick material.

Keep your curtains open to let in daylight and have several sources of light in your room instead of just one overhead light.

You can use sheer curtains to provide privacy but still let the light in your bedroom.

You can even add a skylight or solar tube to bring in more light.


Reflect Light
Mirrors make a room feel larger than it is, so consider having at least one large mirror in your bedroom. 

Mirrors reflect light to make your bedroom brighter and create an optical illusion that the room continues through the wall.

Opt for one or two larger mirrors instead of multiple smaller mirrors.


Draw attention to your ceiling in order to bring your eye up in the room and make it appear taller and bigger. 

You can add a unique light fixture, add architectural detail such as crown molding, and/or paint it a light color other than white.

If you have curtains, hang your curtain rod towards the ceiling to make the windows appear larger.


Instead of decorating with dark and rich colors, select lighter and brighter colors for your bedroom (which is especially true for your bedroom wall color).

You can even use clear transparent furniture that has no color at all and seems to not take up any space at all.

You can even have an all white room to make your bedroom seem very spacious.














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