When decorating your bedroom, you may want to give it a more romantic look and feel. 

Here are a few ideas for making your bedroom more romantic.


romantic16photo courtesy of Weidner flickr.com/photos/weidnerapartmenthomes/4247332604/in/faves-101670476@N02/Luxury Linens
Invest in high quality luxury linens for your bedroom in order to make it more romantic. 

Select high thread count sheets, a simple but soft comforter or duvet, a fluffy rug, and regal curtains.


Make Your Bed
Now that you have luxury linens, make sure they are shown off to their greatest potential. 

Make your bed beautifully with an appropriate amount of pillows.


Dim Lighting
Bright and glaring lighting is not romantic. 

Replace your regular light switch for a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of light in the room per the activity. 

Use multiple light sources such as lamps, walls sconces, uplighting, and overhead lighting. 

Also use candles for a dim flickering light effect.


Warm Colors
Warm colors are more romantic than cool colors. 

Decorate your bedroom with romantic red, fiery orange, and/or earthy yellows and browns for a romantic feel. 


Fresh Flowers
Adding fresh flowers to your bedroom brings nature inside, which is calming. 

They also emit a slight fragrance that can be soothing as well as being beautiful.


Soft Music
Soft music can help make a bedroom more romantic.


Light Fragrance
A light fragrance can make people relaxed and happy. 

Select a fragrance that is not too strong and powerful to add romance to your bedroom. 

Romantic scents include jasmine, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, orange, and black licorice.


Remove Clutter
Clutter creates stress that is not romantic. 

Remove all clutter from your bedroom to keep the romance alive. 


Remove the TV
Your television is hypnotizing and not romantic. 

Either remove your TV from the bedroom or keep it in a cabinet that can be closed when not in use. 

Make sure all lights from the television components are also out of sight.


Remove Stressful Items
Stress reduces romance, so remove all stressful items from your bedroom. 

Stressful items include bills, computers, clean or dirty laundry, cell phones, tablets, grocery lists, to do lists, and paperwork.






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