Many people want a beautifully decorated bedroom, however they don't know where to start.

Perhaps their bedroom is already decorated, but it is not as amazing as they hope.

Here are a few designer ideas and a checklist for how to decorate a bedroom to be design magazine quality.


A designer's checklist of things to consider when decorating a bedroomphoto courtesy of John Hickey-Fry


Have a Plan
Do not start decorating your bedroom without a plan.

Often people go to the store and buy stuff that they like considering how it will look put together.

Look online to determine what design style you like.  Make sure you will like it for many years, not that it is currently what is in style.

Consider the architecture of the room - where are the windows and doors, where are the electrical outlets, etc.

Take your time, put some thought into it, and do it right like a professional interior designer would.


Architectural Changes
Do you want to make any architectural changes to your bedroom before decorating?

You can add crown molding, decorative molding around your windows, recessed lights, new flooring, or whatever upgrades you desire.

Designers know that a room lacking architectural details will not yield a good design.


Focal Point
Most every room needs to have at least one focal point.

The most common focal point in a bedroom is the bed, however it could also be a fireplace or beautiful piece of art.

A popular decorating idea used by designers is to have an amazing chandelier over the bed to make the bed an even more amazing focal point.

Consider what the focal point will be in your bedroom and make sure that item or items are special.


Your bedding should be high quality since you will spend many hours per day in your bed.

Avoid bedding that comes in a set where everything matches. 

Select different items from different collections to create a one of a kind solution for your bedroom.

Interior designers will often use bedding pieces of different textures and patterns to create a bedding collection that is truly unique.


Not Matching
The most common culprit for boring bedrooms is matching furniture.

Matching furniture is convenient, however it is not very interesting.

Interior designers and decorators know that matching furniture is out of style.

Ideally, no furniture in your bedroom should match, except maybe your nightstands and the lamps on those nightstands.

An idea for decorating a bedroom with matching furniture is to mix around pieces in different rooms of your house to create an eclectic set of furniture in each room.

Consider trading pieces with your friend to mix things up.


Consider the Height
You should consider the ceiling height of your bedroom.

If you have shorter ceilings, keep your furniture low to the ground.

If you have taller ceilings, emphasize the ceiling height by drawing attention to the ceiling.

Quality Items
When decorating your bedroom, make sure to only buy quality products.

Consider whether the item will still be in good condition and fashionable in 5, 10, and 20 years.

Is it an item that you will pass down to your kids?

If you cannot afford quality products right now, save your money until you can.

Your bedroom does not have to be fully decorated immediately, however you should have a plan for the items to purchase when funds become available.

Unique Items
Do not show for decorative items for your home at larger stores in your neighborhood, unless you want your home to look like all of your friends' homes.

To find unique items, interior designers and decorators look at larger online decor stores, online auctions, garage sales, and antique stores.

Color Scheme
Select a color scheme for your bedroom that matches your personality.

Most people suggest using calming colors, such as green, if you tend to be restless, however feel free to select any color scheme that makes you happy.

When selecting your colors, you should also consider the color contrast. 

Many people decorate their bedrooms with too little contrast that makes the room feel bland.

If you were to take a black and white photo of your room, what percentage of the photo would be black, white, and gray.

For proper contrast, approximately 10-25% of the photo should be black, 10-25% should be white, and 50-80% should be gray.


Often the only item missing from a boring bedroom is accessories.

Avoid a common decorating pitfall of using smaller accessories. 

Interior designers and decorators know that slightly oversized accessories and artwork often work best.

You can also add a pop of color to your bedroom using a bold colored accessory.

Add fun artwork, fresh flowers, and a few photos to personalize your bedroom and make it magazine worthy.








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