The focal point of a room grabs the attention of people entering the room, draws those people into the room, and sets the tone for the overall feeling of that room.

Rooms without a focal point often seem monotonous without having a spot for someone to initially focus their attention when entering the room.

There can be a few focal points in a room, however more than 3 focal points seems to make a room feel cluttered.

Here are some ideas for how to create a focal point in a room.

 Focal Point Ideasphoto courtesy of Brent Eckley

Living Room
In a living room, an obvious focal point would be a fireplace.

If you have a fireplace, make sure your furniture is facing the fireplace and not the television on an opposite wall.

You may need to relocate the television to the same wall as the fireplace so the focal point can be shared by the fireplace and television.

If you do not have a fireplace, you can use a large bold piece of artwork, a piano, or a beautiful light fixture as your focal point.


Dining Room or Breakfast Room
In a dining room or breakfast room, the table can be the focal point.

Make sure to accessorize the table when not in use to immediately draw the eye of someone entering the room.

Instead of the focal point being the table, a beautiful chandelier or pendant light can be the focal point of the room.


In a bedroom, the most common focal point is the bed.

You can use beautiful bed linens to capture attention and focus.

If you prefer simple linens, you can use a beautiful headboard or large artwork over the bed as the focal point of that room.


The most common focal point in a home's entry is a large scale light fixture.

If your entry is large enough, you can add a circular table to be a focal point.

Once again, a large piece of artwork will also work as that room's focal point.


Outside your home, your front door should be a focal point so visitors know where enter your home.

Other focal points may include colorful flower beds, garden art, a gazebo, or a water feature.



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