Interior designers and decorators have many secrets for making ordinary homes look amazing.

They are able to turn basic beige boxes into show stopping masterpieces.

Here are a few of their secrets that you can use in your own home to make it amazing.

Designer Secrets for Amazing Looking Homes - Get a Design Magazine Look!photo courtesy of Brent Eckley

Look over the architecture of your home and see what you can do to upgrade it. 

Consider painting all of your white doors black to add drama.

If budget allows, replace your beige carpet with a wood floor to add warmth and character to your home.

You can also replace your basic fireplace mantel with an antique one.

Shop at architectural salvage stores to find decorative items to add character to your home.

A designer secret for increasing the size of your baseboards or crown molding is to add another small piece of molding above or below it, allowing a few inches of drywall to show.  Paint the new molding and the drywall in between the same color as your baseboards or crown molding to give the appearance of much more substantial moldings.


If at all possible, avoid beige paint. 

You can paint your walls using the colors white, gray, or brown, but beige has been overused so much that it should be avoided.

Paint all of your beige walls a rich color for drama or bright white for a more contemporary aesthetic.

Your ceilings can be painted to add character, which is especially important if you have white ceilings that blend into your crown molding.

A designer secret is to mix a small amount of your wall paint into your plain white ceiling paint to give your ceiling a bit of color that compliments the color of your walls.


Designers know that texture is very important to make a home feel cozy and welcoming.

Use a mixture of textures, such as a knitted blanket, a rough textured wicker basket, glossy books, reflective mirrors, dull ceramics, velvety curtains, worn hardback books, sleek metals, and fuzzy rugs.


Vintage and Antique
Many people have the exact same artwork, pillows, and other decorative items which is very boring and predictable.

Instead of decorating your home with mass produced items, select vintage and antique items for an amazing looking home.

Antique and vintage items have been around for many years, so you can expect that they are good quality.

Many older items have a bit of wear, which makes your home feel like it has history.


Mix Different Styles
Designers know that a home does not have to be decorated exclusively in one particular style.

Mixing styles is much more interesting and shows off the personality of the people living in the home.

Don't be afraid to mix masculine deer taxidermy with a feminine crystal chandelier, elegant furniture with a rustic cow hide rug, or refined velvet curtains with rustic wood candle holders.


When decorating your home, always get items of high quality for an amazing looking home.

Do not be tempted to purchase lesser quality items just because they are the correct size, colors, or price.

Your home does not need to be 100% decorated the week after you move in.

A designer secret is to have an overall plan for decorating your home, but be patient and save your money to purchase high quality items that you love.


Many people make the mistake of purchasing items that are too small.

When in doubt, decorate your home with items that are slightly larger than average.

One larger item almost always looks better than a collection of smaller items.


Amazing looking homes have multiple sources of light in each room.

Kitchens should have an overhead light as well as under cabinet lighting.  Above cabinet lighting is also nice.

Living rooms and bedrooms should have an overhead light and multiple lamps.

Don't be afraid that you have too much light in a room because you can use dimmer switches to ensure the perfect level of light per activity.

A designer secret for lighting a dining room with a rectangular table is to use more than one chandelier for added drama and light.


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