How to Decorate a Shared Girls Bedroom

When decorating a girl's bedroom, you should consider the architecture of the home, the activities in the bedroom (sleeping, studying, reading, etc),  and the preferences of the girl. 

Decorating a shared girls bedroom is a bit more tricky since you need to accommodate the needs and wants of both girls. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for how to decorate a shared girls bedroom.


Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for How to Decorate a Shared Girls Bedroomphoto courtesy of Bill Wilson flickr.com/photos/okchomeseller/29507792234/Make it Special
Since the girls have to share a room, spend a little more time and money decorating it to make it extra special. 

Get the fancy pillows, the cute curtains, and the unique furniture to make the room feel special.


Since two girls are having to share a closet, try to maximize storage wherever possible. 

You can use a closet organizer to optimize the storage that you currently have. 

Consider using furniture with built in storage, such as a bed with storage drawers underneath. 

Instead of a standard night stand with little storage, use a small dresser instead. 


Even though the girls are sharing a bedroom, they should have a portion of the room that is only theirs. 

Typically single beds work better than bunk beds so the room can be  visually divided in half and each girl stay on her own side.


Identical or Similar
You may choose to decorate each side of the room identically, or you may choose to make the sides similar. 

You can use bedding that is the exact same, or you can use bedding that is the same pattern but in a different color.  You might want to use a pink comforter on one bed with a purple bedskirt and on the other bed use a purple comforter with a pink bedskirt. 

If you choose bedding that is similar with different colors, try to find something in the room that ties the two different colors together, such as a rug or large piece of art that has both colors.


Whether the shared girls bedroom is for twins or siblings that are several years apart in age, each side of the room should have a bit of individualization. 

You can decorate using a sign as artwork over each bed with their names, you can have a decorative pillow monogrammed with their initials, or you can give each girl a night stand or shelf to display their special trinkets.


If your girls want more privacy from each other, you can find ways to separate them from each other. 

You can put a floor to ceiling curtain or room divider bookcase across the room to create two different rooms. 

If the girls have bunk beds, you can put a curtain around the opening of each bunk bed to block out the light and create more privacy.


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