Spring is in the air, so tell winter goodbye by decorating your front porch for Spring! 

Take advantage of the good weather to transform your home's first impression. 

Here are a few ways to decorate a front porch for spring.

How to Decorate a Front Porch for Springphoto courtesy of Vinita Pappas flickr.com/photos/vinitapappas/4768211403/Flowers
Spring is the season of new birth, and it is welcomed by blooming flowers. 

Use an abundance of flowers when decorating your front porch. 

Use flowers in your yard leading to the porch as well as potted flowers on the porch. 

You can also use flowering vines that wrap around the columns of your front porch and/or hanging baskets. 

Use primarily pink, purple, blue, and white flowers but avoid using too many red and orange flowers that feel like Fall. 

You can use yellow in small quantities when mixed with other colors. 

For the best results when potting flowers in a pot, select 3 types of flowers or plants  - one tall, one medium, and one that cascades over the side of the pot. 

You may need multiples of each type depending on the size of the plants and the size of your pot. 

If the pot will be seen on all sides, put the tall and skinny plant in the middle, the medium sized plants surrounding, and the cascading plants surrounding the medium sized plants. 

If the pot is against a wall and will only be seen on one side, then put the tall and skinny plant towards the center back, the medium sized plant in front of the tall plant, and the cascading plant in the front.


If you have patio furniture, now is a good time to give it a good cleaning and maybe a fresh coat of paint. 

After it is clean, consider getting some new bright and cheerful cushions and pillows to freshen things up for Spring. 

You can even get outdoor curtains to add some softness to your porch. 

Don't forget about cleaning your welcome mat or changing it out for a new one appropriate for Spring.


If you want to put a wreath on your door to welcome visitors, then select one that has Spring colors. 

Most any pastel colors work, as well as white. 

You can also change out your wreath per the upcoming holidays.


Consider decorating your front porch with one or two elements that change out per the upcoming holidays. 

Spring holidays include Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Father's Day. 


Does something on your front porch need a new paint job? 

Maybe your window trim, house numbers, or front door? 

If so, tackle the project now that the wonderful Spring weather is here.


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