Laundry rooms are typically not the most fun place to be in a home, but you can add more fun with proper decorating. 

Here are a few designer tips, tricks, and ideas for adding a little fun when decorating your laundry room.


funlaundry3photo courtesy of The Residences at Mandarin and Tidy
Since clutter is not fun, make sure to have organizational systems in place to ensure your laundry room stays clean and tidy at all times.  

You can have drawers and cabinets to keep everything out of sight, or you can have fun decorative containers on display to add color and whimsy to the space. 

Remember to have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

You might need a place for laundry cleaning products, home cleaning products, an ironing board with iron, a vacuum, batteries, light bulbs, and/or other miscellaneous items.


Focal Point
To add more fun to your laundry room, design the room with at least one focal point. 

Your focal point can be a wall of fun wallpaper, a window with a view (add some pretty flowers outside the window), a stained glass window, pretty curtains, or a fun piece of art.


Lighting is very important in a room where you are trying to clean.  Dark rooms feel like a cave and are not at all fun. 

Make sure to have multiple sources of lighting in your laundry room. 

Under cabinet lighting that shines on a countertop is great to make your laundry room bright and airy, but adding a unique chandelier will make the room even more fun.


Select a fun color palette for your laundry room. 

You can use one accent color or a pleasing combination of multiple colors. 

Decorate with colors that make you happy to be in the laundry room. 

You can even add some metallic accents to add a touch of elegance. 

A rug or fabric hung in front of open shelving can add softness and fun color. 

Consider getting brightly colored laundry baskets or clothing hangers to add to your selected color scheme. 

Paint the walls a color other than beige - use bright white or a fun accent color instead.









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