Most home offices  are boring and bland. 

They have either large traditional stained wood furniture that is too big for the room and doesn't accommodate technology very well or cheap discount store wobbly furniture that could topple over at any minute. 

Masses of electrical and data cords are typically everywhere. 

There is no reason that a home office should be sterile and purely utilitarian. 

Here are a few ways to make your home office more happy.

 hho16photo courtesy of Adinaplus

Start by cleaning up your office.  Invest in a paper shredder and get rid of outdated paperwork. 

Find a permanent spot for stuff you have to keep. 

Create a system for how to purge or file paperwork as it enters your home office. 

Either hide your computer cords or go wireless.


Purchase furniture that actually works for you and your electronics. 

You may only need a small table to put your laptop when it is not on your lap, or you may need a full blown computer workstation to accommodate your 17 monitors, 3 hard drives, and 2 printers. 

Also make sure that you get a comfortable chair to sit in. 

Your office must first be functional before you attempt to make it happy and pretty.


Now that everything is in place and functional, we can work on making it happy. 

Find a starting point to create the happy design for your office. 

The starting point could be colorful artwork, a rug, wallpaper, curtains, or the fact that you love the color pink. 

Build your overall home office design off of that starting point. 

You may want lots of color, or maybe just a little touch of color.  


Good lighting is essential for a home office.

Natural lighting is best, so let the sunshine in. 

Most home offices have an overhead light source, but also consider getting a decorative lamp so you can change the light as needed throughout the day.


Finish off your home office design with meaningful accessories.   

You can use artwork from your travels, figurines that were a gift from a friend, and fresh flowers you picked from your garden earlier in the day.