A well designed living room should have at least one focal point and that focal point should NOT be your television. 

Focal points are items in a room that are unusual, interesting, eye catching, and/or unique. 

They are something that you would not find in every other home in your neighborhood. 

Here are a few ideas for focal points for a living room.


Focal Point Ideas for a Living Roomphoto courtesy of Builder's Design flickr.com/photos/buildersdesign/8671098249/Fireplace
A fireplace is probably the most popular focal point in a living room. 

In order to make it a beautiful focal point, make sure that it is unique and different than a boring builder grade fireplace. 

You can paint your fireplace wall an accent color to highlight it. 

You can also replace the cheap tile around your fireplace with something more custom. 

For an even more grand fireplace, you can tile above and below the fireplace, put wood paneling above the fireplace, or get a unique mantle.


An oversized bold piece of artwork can be a focal point. 

The artwork should grab the attention of people entering the room. 

A grand mirror can also be a focal point.


A unique piece of furniture can be a focal point. 

You can use an ornate antique armoire, an artistic modern chair, a grand piano, or a bold painted chest as a focal point.

Focal point ideas for a living roomphoto courtesy of Builder's Design flickr.com/photos/buildersdesign/13086557014/

Bold Color or Pattern
A bold color or pattern on an item will make it a focal point. 

You can have a bold rug, curtains, or pillows. 

You can even paint an entire wall a bold color, paint a unique pattern on the wall, or create texture on the wall by covering it in brick veneer.

Focal Point Ideas for a Living Roomphoto courtesy of Builder's Design flickr.com/photos/buildersdesign/9293043391/

An oversized or unique light fixture can be a focal point. 

Instead of boring can lights, consider using a chandelier in your living room for added appeal.


View Outside
If you have a large picture window and something beautiful to look at outside, let your view be your focal point. 

Don't let your interiors compete with nature. 

Select simple furniture and window treatments to highlight the view.





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