A bedroom dresser is a great piece of furniture to decorate and show your personality in your bedroom.  Many people miss this design opportunity because they just pile stuff on top without thinking.  Here are a few decorating tips and tricks to make the top of your dresser look its best.


dressertop16photo courtesy of Chris flickr.com/photos/chrish_99/5920080207/Less is More
Don't junk up the top of your dresser with too many items.  Decorating using one picture frame is great, not five.  Use one vase of flowers instead of three.  The fewer items you use, the more important each item appears.


High, Low, Medium
Decorate using items of different heights for a designer look.  You can use a tall vase with flowers on the right side, a medium sized figurine on the left side, and a low stack of books in the middle of your dresser.


Group a Collection
If you have a collection of perfume bottles, small figurines, or pretty lotions on top of your dresser; group them together on a tray.  The grouping will feel like one larger item instead of a cluttered mess.


Lamp or Candles
A lamp or a candle is a great addition to the top of a dresser because it allows you additional lighting options for your bedroom as well as looking pretty.


If your dresser does not have an attached mirror, consider adding a mirror to the wall behind the dresser.  Mirrors not only look nice, but they also bounce light around the room.


Plant or Flowers
For a designer touch, add a plant or some fresh flowers.  Avoid fake flowers if at all possible.


Find a Home For Everything
If you are in the habit of dumping items on the top of your dresser (loose change, wallet, purse, laundry), make sure to create a specified area in your home for these items.  Creating a home for everyday items is the best way to stay organized and for your home to always look its best.




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