Designers often dress beds in a different way than most of us were taught by our mothers.

There are many different ways to make a bed like a designer since designers have different styles and so do their clients.

Designers tend to focus on comfort, restfulness, and individuality when making a bed.

In order to get a designer look with your bedding, consider the suggestions below.

Tips and Tricks for How to Make a Bed like a Designerphoto courtesy of Design Build Love

Bedding does not need to be all one color or purchased as a set.

Consider using a different fitted sheet than your flat sheet.

You can mix and match patterns and colors to create a one-of-a-kind bed.

When using a pattern or bold color, consider using the pattern on the sheets or pillows since they are cheaper to replace in a few years than your comforter or duvet if your taste changes.

Designers often turn down bed sheets several inches so the fitted and flat sheet are visible and so the bed looks more tempting than a perfectly starched bed that is fully closed.


When making a designer bed, you will most likely want to use Euro sized pillows (large square pillows approximately 26" x 26"), standard shams (rectangular pillows approximately 20" x 26"), standard pillows that you will rest your head on, and a decorative pillow that is typically rectangular, but sometimes square or a different unique shape.

For a twin bed, use 1 Euro pillow, 1 standard sham, 1 standard pillow, and 1 decorative pillow.

For a double, full, or queen bed, use 2 Euro pillow, 2 standard shams, 2 standard pillows and 1 decorative pillow.

For a king bed, use 3 Euro pillow, 2 king pillow shams, 2 king sized pillows and 1 decorative pillow.

The standard pillowcase is typically placed behind the Euro pillow that is placed behind the standard pillow. The decorative pillow is placed in the front center.

Don't go crazy with too many pillows that there is no room left for you to get into bed.


Bed Scarf
A new accessory to designer beds is the bed scarf.

A bed scarf is like a table runner for the end of your bed. Bed scarves are quite popular in hotels but are just now gaining popularity in homes.

Bed scarves are used in hotels to protect the bedding when someone lays down with shoes on their feet or puts their luggage on the bed.

They also add another layer of bedding to your feet to keep them warmer when sleeping under the covers.

bed5photo courtesy of Vinny.augusti