Whether it is Mother's Day, your mom's birthday, Christmas, or your mom just deserves a gift, avoid giving your mom a boring or utilitarian gift. 

Your gift for mom should be cool, fun, and/or something frivolous she would never buy for herself.

Here are a few cool and fun gift ideas for your mother.

cool fun gift ideas for mom on mothers day, her birthday, Christmas, or any other occasionGift Idea for Mom #1 - Fun Tech
Assuming your mom is into technology, computers, texting, or Facebook, she might enjoy some fun technology.

There are plenty of tech devices and accessories that do cool things, however buy mom a tech gift that is also fun and cute.

This kitten charger will charge her devices fast while making her smile.


Gift Idea for Mom #2 - A Modern Version
If mom enjoys modern versions of everyday items, then buy her something new and futuristic looking.

The modern version should be attention getting and a fun conversation starter.

This word clock will tell time in a new and unique way while impressing your mother and her guests.


Gift Idea for Mom #3 - Fun and Colorful
When doing everyday tasks, your mother might enjoy some fun color to make her smile.

Select a gift for mom that updates her basic items with items that are colorful.

This colorful mixing bowl and measuring cup set is compact, dishwasher safe, non slip, and full of color.


Gift Idea for Mom #4 - Whimsical
Why use something basic when you can use something that brings you joy?

You can get your mother a gift that she can use everyday but will make her smile because it is whimsical and fun.

This porcupine or hedgehog pencil and pen holder is amusing and functional at the same time.  Best of all, it is a handmade item from a local artisan.


Gift Idea for Mom #5 - Clever
You can get your mom a gift that is clever because it looks like something it is not.

Basic items can transform into something amusing and clever with good design.

This pin holder looks like a donut, however it is not upon further inspection.


Gift Ideas for Mom #6 - Pretty
When in doubt, get mom something pretty.

You can always get her some pretty flowers or a plant, but the flowers will die and the plant requires maintenance.

Instead, give your mom a gift that is pretty, timeless, and will last.

These bamboo drink coasters are beautiful, sustainable, and will last for a very long time.


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