Many homes these days are mass produced as cheaply as possible, and most of these homes in newer neighborhoods are identical or nearly identical, which makes a lot of  homes generic, predictable, and boring.

Here are 6 reasons why your home might look generic and boring so you know what to avoid.


6 Reasons Why Your Home Looks Generic and Boringphoto courtesy of Builders Design

#1 Lack of Color and Texture
The inside of new homes are typically a sea of beige (or sometimes gray and/or white) with beige carpets, beige tile, and beige walls.

There are no interesting textural items inside your home like brick or distressed wood.

Unless you want your home to be generic and boring, you should replace most, if not all, of the beige with colors that reflect your personality and style.

Don't be afraid of offending potential buyers with a fun color when you go to sell your home because they hate beige also.

Most people only think about painting their walls, but you can also paint your cabinets, doors, ceilings, and furniture.


#2 Lack of Architectural Interest
In order to make homes more affordable, new home builders often strip out all of the architectural interest.

To add architectural interest back into your home, consider adding crown molding, replacing your light fixtures with something more interesting, framing your windows, replacing your faucets with ones that are prettier, and removing (very carefully) your sheet glass bathroom mirrors and replacing them with framed beveled mirrors.


#3 Lack of Landscaping
Most new homes come with a bare minimum landscaping.

Some homes come with no landscaping at all.

In order for your home to not be generic or boring, add to your landscaping with evergreen shrubs and trees that soften the lines of your home.

You can even add colorful plants and flowers to make your home more cheerful and unique.


#4 Too Much Matching
In case you did not get the memo, matching furniture sets are, and have been, out of style. 

Matching is boring, so create a unique furniture collection that you love.


#5 Predictable Accessories
Unless you want your home to look just like your neighbors' homes, avoid decorating your home with accessories that are mass produced and have large quantities on sale at a favorite neighborhood store.

Be unique and different. 

Do not follow decorating trends that will be out of style in 2-5 years. 

Outdated trendy decor items are very boring.

Everyday items painted unique colors can help make a boring home truly unique.

Also, it seems like most homes have predictable white faux wood blinds on their windows.  Decorate your home with something different like shutters, bamboo shades, and/or curtains.


#6 Lack of Natural Elements
Often a home will follow all the rules but still look sterile and dull.

It just feels like it is missing something which makes it feel generic and boring.

Often the thing that is missing is natural elements.

You can add items such as a plant, flowers, a wicker basket, or wood floors to bring the warmth of nature inside your home.













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