Many people spend lots of money on their homes, but their homes don't quite look as high end and expensive as they desire. 

Here are a few ways to make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank.

How to make your home look more expensivephoto courtesy of Pexels

Ban the Clutter
Clutter makes even the most elegant homes look less expensive.  

Avoid clutter at all cost.

Many homes, especially new homes, have walls that are painted in a low quality builder beige paint. 

Paint your walls any color but builder beige.  If color scares you, paint your home a bright white, gray, or darker beige. 

Don't forget to also paint the ceilings. 

In addition to painting walls, you can also paint your doors and/or cabinets to give them a custom look.


When decorating your home, use items that are a tiny bit oversized. 

Larger items feel more expensive than normal sized or smaller items. 

If possible, use one larger item in place of several smaller items that can make your home look cluttered. 


Adding textural items to your home makes it feel more warm and welcoming. 

Textural items feel like they have history and often feel more expensive.


Avoid Matchy Matchy
Matching furniture sets can often feel cheap and not well thought out. 

Select an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories for your home in the style that you prefer. 

Eclectic items are also easier to move between rooms of your home if you want to redecorate in the future.


Wood floors give a  home the feeling of warmth and history. 

The charm of wood floors makes a home feel much more expensive than a home with builder beige carpet. 

In wet areas, use a natural stone flooring, such as slate, that still has warmth.


Not Trendy
Trendy items are only in style for a few years. 

Yes, they are cute today, but they will be out of style and look cheap in a few years (assuming you caught the trend in the early stages). 

Select items that are not trendy to make your home look more expensive.


Fresh Flowers
You don't need fresh flowers in your home at all times, but consider adding fresh flowers to your home if you are having guests. 

You might be able to create an arrangement of flowers from your garden instead of purchasing flowers.


More often than not, homeowners only put basic blinds on their windows. 

Curtains make a home look more expensive.

For tips on purchasing the right curtains for your home and how to hang them, see the article The Correct Way to Hang Curtains and Drapes.


Light Fixtures
Many homes come with basic cheap light fixtures that the homebuilder purchased due to their low cost, not because they are attractive. 

Light fixtures should be decorative as well as functional. 

Replace your cheap basic light fixtures with ones that look expensive.

Typically, larger light fixtures look more expensive that smaller ones.


Cabinet Hardware
Many cabinets do not have hardware or have very cheap hardware. 

Invest a little money by adding or upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room cabinet hardware to make your home look more expensive.

Do not purchase cabinet hardware that comes in a multipack because that is what the majority of homebuilders use on hundreds of homes.  Instead, select more unique hardware that not everyone has seen.

Most everyone is familiar with the hardware that is available at your local home improvement store, so shop online for a larger selection because unique items look custom and more expensive.


Framed Mirrors
Avoid plate glass mirrors in your home because they are cheap and mass produced. 

If you have any basic unframed mirrors in your home, carefully remove them and add a large framed mirror that coordinates with your home's style.





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