If you find the colors beige, white, and creme boring, you might want to decorate your home with bright and bold colors. 

People are often intimidated when decorating because they are afraid they will make a mistake. 

Here are a few pointers for giving your home a designer look using bright and bold colors.


Tips for Decorating with Bright and Bold Colorsphoto courtesy of V Smoothe flickr.com/photos/vsmoothe/174756359/Less is More
When selecting bright and bold colors for your home, select 1 to 3 per room, but no more. 

If you have more than 3 bright and bold colors in your room, it can start to feel like a circus and be overwhelming.


Skip Primary Colors
For a more sophisticated look in your home, consider skipping the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and go with blended colors instead. 

Opt for more unique colors, such as emerald green, turquoise, fuchsia, orange, lime green, aqua, plum, and royal blue.


Black, White, and Gray
Black, white, and gray help accentuate the bright and bold colors and keep them from being overly stimulating. 

Avoid using too many other neutrals that contain light brown, such as beige and khaki, which may make the bright and bold colors look muddy.


Don't Overdo It
Bright and bold colors are very powerful. 

Use your powerful colors in moderation. 

Consider keeping at least half of your room neutral and use bright and bold colors in the rest. 

You can keep the ceiling white and the flooring stained wood or a neutral carpet or tile.


Keep Expensive Items Neutral
The bold and bright colors you love today may be the colors you hate tomorrow. 

Consider using your colors on lesser expensive items that you can change out in a few years, such as wall paint, pillows, and accessories. 

Keep your big ticket items, such as your sofa or dining table, a neutral color that will work with your next color scheme also.


Not Too Busy
Since bold and bright colors demand so much attention, make sure the rest of your room is more subdued. 

Use minimal patterns and embellishments.  Furniture should not be too ornate.


Don't Forget Lighting
Since bold and bright colors can be darker than plain white, make sure the room is lit properly from multiple lighting sources. 

You don't want your room to feel like a dark cave.






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