Have you done your best at decorating your home but feel that there is something missing?

Does your home not have the design magazine flair that you desire?

Does your room make you smile when you enter or make you depressed by all of the beige?

See the tips below for information on how to create a cohesively decorated home using color.

Tips and Tricks for How to Decorate Your Home Using Colorphoto courtesy of Blanco Basha flickr.com/photos/50886907@N05/21944220831/Start With the Largest Room
Start decorating in the main room of your home, probably your living room.

Whatever color scheme you select for this room should compliment the color schemes in all adjacent rooms that are not separated by a door.

Basically, you will be using the same colors in all adjacent rooms except the dominant color in your color scheme of one room may be a less dominant color in your color scheme in another room.

Look around your main room for a large item with at least 3 colors.

The large item could be a large piece of art, rug, sofa, or draperies.

If you do not have a large item with at least 3 colors, you will need to get one that has the colors you desire in your room.


Pick at Least 3 Colors
Select at least 3 colors in your large item that will become the color scheme of that room.

For example, it could be a green, burgundy, and gold rug.

Neutral colors such as black, white, grey, or beige do not work as well.

Select the colors that appeal to you most. If you prefer a more dramatic room, select more bold colors. If you prefer a more subdued room, select lighter colors.


3 Colors in 3 Places
Each of the 3 colors in your large item should be incorporated evenly around your room in at least 3 places.

You could have gold decorative pillows, a gold candlestick with a burgundy candle, and gold walls with burgundy and green books sitting on an end table, burgundy drapes, a green plant, and a green platter.

Decorate with whatever accessories you find appealing.

If you are using a collection of small accessories grouped together, that collection would count as 1 place.

Feel free to add the colors in more than 3 places.

Also, don't be afraid to add touches of other colors that are not in your 3 color scheme.


A Touch of Black and White
For contrast, add a tiny touch of white and a tiny touch of black.

You can add a pillow with a small amount of black in the fabric pattern and a piece of artwork with a white background.


Contrasting Texture
Finish off your room with accessories of contrasting texture.

You can have a rough wicker basket with a slick metal tray, a soft velvet pillow with a hard stone statue, and a shiny metallic lamp and a matte fabric lamp shade.








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