If you have 1990's shiny gold finishes throughout your home, consider changing the shiny gold finishes into antique brass finishes. 

Gold finishes were very popular in the 1990's so they may make your home feel dated. 

Since brass finishes have not been trendy or over used recently, by changing your gold finishes into brass you will give your home less of a  1990's date stamp. 

Luckily, changing gold into brass only requires a little spray paint.


How to Paint Shiny Gold to Look Like Antique BrassGet Paint
All you need to get is a metallic brass spray paint and a regular black spray paint. 

Since shiny brass is so similar to shiny gold, we are going to spray paint the gold finish to make it look like antique brass instead of shiny brass. 

If you are painting an item that will be touched on a regular basis, make sure to get special spray paint that will adhere well to the material you are painting.


Dust off and clean your item that you want to change from gold into brass. 

For an item that does not get touched, such as a wall hung picture frame, a little dusting and/or wiping down with soap and water will be all that is required. 

For an item that is touched, such as a door or cabinet knob, you will want to use a degreaser to make sure all of the oils are removed before painting. 

Do not start painting until the item is completely dry.



Select an area to spray paint that has good ventilation and is clear of any items that you do not want to get paint on. 

Since spray paint can over spray items easily, make sure to use a drop cloth that is over sized for the items that you are spray painting.  Ensure that the place you spray paint is covered so any unexpected rain will not get your item wet.



The trick to getting an antique brass finish is to spray from a distance of 2'-3' instead of the 12" that is normally suggested. 

Start by spraying the black paint. After a thin coat of the black paint, spray a thin coat of the brass paint. 

Spray another thin coat of the black paint and you should now have an antique brass finish. 

If the paint gets too heavy in spots, simply cover that spot with a thin coat of the metallic brass spray paint and another thin coat of the black spray paint. 

Allow the paint to dry overnight before moving.





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