If you are redecorating your home, you may be interested in how colors affect your mood in order to create an appropriate mood for certain rooms. 

Here are some suggestions for appropriate colors for rooms in your home.

How Colors Affect Your Mood in Your Homephoto courtesy of Brett Jordan flickr.com/photos/x1brett/7226172794/Bathroom
If you want your bathroom to be a tranquil and relaxing space, consider using the colors blue and/or green in that room. 

Blue is a relaxing color that reminds us of water and the sky. 

Green also reminds us of nature since it is the color of grass and trees.


If you are not a morning person and do not enjoy waking up in the morning, consider painting your bedroom a light and bright buttery yellow color.  Yellow is cheerful, helps people stay awake, and helps put people in a happier mood.  

If you have trouble falling asleep, use the colors blue and/or green in your bedroom since they are relaxing colors.


Living Room
Use warm earth tone colors in your living room to create a warm and comfortable space that people want to spend time in.


Dining Room
Many people want a dining room to be a place for people to be comfortable and want to stay for at least 30 minutes to an hour or more. 

If you are decorating your dining room, consider using the color red.  Red has been shown to make people feel hungry.  It is especially beneficial if you want your dining room to have a romantic mood since the color red can intensify feelings.


You can also use red in your kitchen to help stimulate your appetite, but do so in moderation else you might always feel hungry.


Home Office or Study Area
The color green has been shown to help people focus, so it would be an excellent color for a home office or study area.


Craft Room or Play Room
If you want a color that will help put you in a creative mood, then select purple.  Purple can feel regal, luxurious, calming, and can enhance creativity.


Powder Bathroom
If you want to add a little interest in your home but are afraid of making a big commitment, consider using the color orange in your powder room or another small room.  Orange demands attention but is also warm and welcoming. 

You can also use orange in small doses throughout your home to bring in some fun.



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