Gray has surpassed beige as the new interior designer neutral color of choice. 

Some people may think that gray feels cold and unwelcoming, however the right gray can be beautiful. 

Here are a few ways to decorate with the color gray to compliment your home.

 How to Decorate Using the Color Grayphoto courtesy of Maegan Tintari

Light Gray
Use a very light gray color throughout your home as a base neutral color in hallways and other transitional rooms that do not need a lot of color. 

You can also use light gray on ceilings since leaving them white will not show off bright white crown molding. 

In order to select the correct gray for your home, look at color strips that show the same color in lighter and darker variations. 

Make sure that the darkest color is not a color that you dislike, such as a color that turns red or purple.  

You can also use light gray upholstery on furniture as a neutral base color.


Medium Gray
Medium gray can be used for a wall color in rooms. 

Select a gray with a slight blue undertone for a brighter color. 

Select a gray with a brown undertone for a more earthy color. 

If you want a custom light gray color for you ceiling in that room, purchase plain white ceiling paint and add 1 cup of your wall paint to the ceiling paint in order to color the ceiling paint perfectly (make sure to mix well before painting). 

Medium gray is also a good color for accessories and rugs.


Dark Gray
You can use dark gray as an accent wall in a room. 

If you have a lot of light in your room and have light furniture, you can paint an entire room with dark gray for a very dramatic feel. 

Dark gray should not be over used, but as accents. 

Accessories in a dark gray color add a nice touch to a room.


Metallic Gray
There are several metallic gray colors, such as shiny silver, pewter, chrome, nickel, and brushed nickel. 

Consider using these colors on accessories or on accent pieces of furniture. 

You can use metallic gray colors on light fixtures, statues, a coffee table or end table, an accent pillow, or even the ceiling to be overly dramatic.




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