If your home feels dark and heavy, you can lighten and brighten your home by adding extra lighting. 

However another option is to change the colors in your room.  Here are a few ideas for how to brighten your home using color.


Tips and Tricks for How to Brighten Your Home Using Colorphoto courtesy of decor8 flickr.com/photos/decor8/9577440760/Walls
The wall color typically provides the most color impact in a room. 

If your walls are painted a dark color, such as red, brown, or green, consider changing the wall color to brighten your home. 

You can select a lighter version of the color you already have or you may even want to paint your walls a bright white since white reflects light and brightens a room.


If you can't change the wall color, or the task of painting seems overwhelming to you, you can add large pieces of light colored artwork to brighten your home.


Heavy dark colored curtains were recently in style, however their time has passed. 

Replace your heavy curtains with lighter ones that will not only make the room feel lighter but allow more light into your room making it actually brighter.


Many people love wood floors, but when they rip out their old builder beige carpet and install dark wood floors, their room instantly feels dark and heavy. 

Consider adding a light colored rug to cover some of the dark floors to brighten your home.


Dark furniture, such as a brown leather sofa, can make a room feel dark. 

Consider adding light colored pillows to dark furniture in order to brighten it.


Home accessories set the overall feel of a room and have a great impact on its brightness. 

A light colored decorative tray on a dark wood coffee table adds a great deal of brightness, especially if there is a vase of light pink flowers on the tray. 

Mixing bright white accessories into a dark room not only lightens it but also provides contrast to make it more interesting. 


Color Choice
When using color to brighten a room, you should select colors that have a light value, a brightness to them, and feel cheerful. 

Bright colors include aqua, light coral, and butter yellow.


Plants and Flowers
The addition of live plants and flowers to a room add life that can brighten a dark room instantly. 




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