When most people think of the color pink, they usually associate it with a baby girl. 

Many adults also like the color pink, but are afraid of using it in their homes for fear of it looking juvenile. 

Here are a few ways to decorate an adult room using the color pink.


Decorating an Adult Bedroom with the Color Pinkphoto courtesy of HomeSpace flickr.com/photos/homespace/4590166385/Not Pastels
When decorating with the color pink, avoid pastel pink that is typically used for baby rooms. 

Instead of a pastel color, use a bold or bright color.


Unique Color
Instead of a typical pink, use a unique pink color for your adult room. 

You can use hot pink, bright coral, fuchsia, or magenta.


Mix Shades
A mature designer way to decorate with pink is to mix 3 or more different shades of pink together in one room. 

You can use dark pink, bright pink, and medium pink items in the same room.


Other Bold Colors
To complement your pink room, use other bold colors such as bright yellow, sage green, orange, red, dark brown, and turquoise.


Grayed Out
If you want to use a light pink, use a grayed out version of pink. 

To do that, select a gray with some pink in it instead of a pink with gray in it.


Offset with Black and Metallics
To add hardness to a soft pink, offset it with black (not a girlie black and white pattern) and metallics. 

The metallic and black colors make the pink more mature and gives it a harder edge.


Avoid Florals
When decorating a pink room, avoid overly girly things like floral patterns. 

Stick with contemporary graphic patterns instead to give the room a more mature look.


Just an Accent
If painting all of your walls pink scares you a bit, but you still would like to decorate your room in pink, consider using pink as an accent color. 

You can have a pink pillow, a pink throw blanket, and/or a pink side table.





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