If you want to paint a wine glass, a glass vase, a mason jar, a glass block, a piece of sheet glass, a glass candle holder, the front of a mirror, a glass Christmas ornament, or other types of glass, there are certain steps to take in order for the paint to properly adhere. 

Follow the steps below for how to paint glass the correct way.

Tips and Tricks for Painting Glassphoto courtesy of AshleyRandallDances flickr.com/photos/ashleytheartist2002/436470712/Inside
Whatever glass you decide to paint must be completely clean on the inside before painting.  Any dust or debris will be very visible, especially if you paint your glass a light color. 

Use rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner to clean the glass and let it dry before painting. 

You can paint the inside of glass with regular craft paint by pouring the paint into your glass vessel, swirling it around to cover all of the sides, then turning the vessel upside down to drip out the excess paint. 

Another way to paint the inside of your glass is to drip different paint colors down the side, creating a striped effect. 

The craft paint will not hold up to water or being scratched, so the item must be purely decorative. 

There are specialty glass paints that are semi transparent that will allow some light to pass through. 

If you wish to use the painted glass for water or put it through the dishwasher, select a bake on paint for glass.


You can paint the outside of your glass item with the same paint listed above. 

You can also use specialty paint markers, such as gold leaf paint markers or fluorescent paint markers that glow under a black light.

 There are even glass paint marker. 

When painting the outside of glass, consider putting a stencil on the inside of your glass item and trace the stencil on the outside of the glass. 

Once again, if you plan on painting a functional item, make sure to use specialty glass paint instead of craft paint.


Spray Paint
Perhaps an easier way to paint the outside of glass is to use spray paint. 

Spray paint should only be used for a decorative item, not a functional item that will go in the dishwasher or be used with food or beverages. 

You can even use specialty spray paints, such as chalkboard spray paint, frosted spray paint, looking glass mirrored spray paint, glitter spray paint, crackle spray paint, magnetic spray paint, iridescent spray paint, glow in the dark spray paint, stained glass spray paint, and other fun varieties.





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