If you have ugly laminate (also called Formica) countertops, flooring, furniture, or cabinets, you can paint these items to give them a new look. 

Follow the steps below for how to paint laminate.

Tips for Painting Laminate or Formicaphoto courtesy of Jeppestown flickr.com/photos/jeppestown/8045819389/Disassemble
If your laminate furniture or cabinets have any parts and pieces, such as drawers or hardware, disassemble them first before proceeding. 


Wipe down your laminate with soap and water. 

If there are any grease stains, you may need to use some other cleaners to make sure they are gone.


If your laminate cabinets, floor, furniture, or countertops need repair, do it now. 


You do not need to sand the laminate completely off, but you do need to rough up the slick surface to help the paint stick. 

Sand your laminate until it no longer looks glossy, but not so hard that you remove the color underneath. 

Make sure to sand every square inch, in every corner, and on every edge.


Wipe off all of the sanding dust to ensure it does not end up in your paint.


Tape Off
If you are painting a laminate countertop or laminate flooring, you may want to tape off the surrounding area that will not be painted.


Using a high quality primer, prime the entire piece of laminate. 

You can use a spray primer or apply the primer with a paint roller and/or paint brush. 

You may need to use 2 coats.  Ensure that each coat dries thoroughly per the manufacturer's directions before applying the next coat. 


Using a high quality paint of your choice (either water based or oil based), paint your laminate cabinets, countertops, furniture, or floor. 

You can use spray paint or brush on paint. 

You can even use textured spray paint. 

You may need 2 to 4 coats, but make sure each coat dries thoroughly before applying the next coat.


Use a polyurethane or other protective finish to keep your paint job from being damaged. 

If your laminate will be used regularly, you should apply 3-4 coats of sealer to keep your laminate's paint job from being chipped or scratched.


Once the sealer has dried on your furniture or cabinets, you can reassemble your piece.


Allow to Cure
Allow your laminate piece to cure per the manufacturer's directions before using it.





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