If you have a tray ceiling in your home, it should be a dramatic focal point of the room.

One of the most common ways to emphasize your tray ceiling is to paint it a color other than builder beige or white like your ceiling. 

Luckily, there are at least 5 different options for painting a tray ceiling, so you can select the best one for your home. 

Tips & Tricks for How to Select a Paint Color for a Tray Ceilingphoto courtesy of www.FletcherDesignConsultants.com

Option 1
Paint all of the horizontal walls in your room one color and paint all of the vertical walls a different color.

Option 2
Paint the entire tray, both vertical and horizontal parts, as well as the ceiling the same color as the wall. 

The shadows created by the tray ceiling will make the colors look different.

Option 3
Paint the entire tray, both vertical and horizontal parts, the color of the wall and make the ceiling a different color.

Option 4
Paint the entire tray step a different color than the wall or ceiling.

If you have crown molding on the top and bottom of your tray, you can paint the tray the same color as the crown molding to create the effect of extravagant crown molding.

You can even cover the tray with wood so the texture is consistent with the crown molding, not textured like your walls.

pctcphoto courtesy of www.FletcherDesignConsultants.com

Option 5
Paint the ceiling and the vertical portion of the tray an accent color.

The horizontal portion of the tray would be painted the wall color.

This option is not suggested if you have crown molding.


Paint Color Selection
If you select option 1, make sure to paint your ceiling to add more drama.

If you select option 2, then your entire tray color is going to be your wall color. A dramatic wall color is suggested to emphasize your unique ceiling.

If you select option3 , a dramatic wall color is suggested.

If you select option 4, selecting a color for your tray that is halfway between your wall and ceiling color is suggested.

If you select option 5, a dramatic ceiling color is suggested. 


Don't Forget the Drama
You probably paid extra for your tray ceiling, so make sure to show it off.

If you want to add drama, consider painting your ceiling 2 shades darker than your tray.

For more ideas for ceilings, see How to Decorate Your Ceiling.





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