If you have a room that is all neutral, with beige or white walls, floors, and furniture, you may not know where to start when adding color to your decor. 

Some people are color-phobic and afraid of decorating because they might "mess up". 

Here are a few ways to add color to a neutral room, baby steps at a time.


Tips and Tricks for How to Add Color to a Neutral Roomphoto courtesy of homestilo flickr.com/photos/homestilo/8558564229/Research
You should research beautifully decorated rooms to figure out what you like and what you don't like. 

If you find a photo of a well decorated room that you like, analyze it and figure out why you like it. 

Do you like the furniture, the architecture, the colors, or is there one particular piece in the room that you like? 


Starting Point
Select a starting point object that has a color or several colors that you like. 

It could be a large piece of artwork, a comforter for your bed, a colorful chandelier, multicolored curtains, or a large rug. 

The starting point will allow you to start decorating by adding other similar items to your room, so make sure you love it. 

If you really don't want much color, select a starting point item and filler items with a lot of contrasting textures to add interest to your room.


Similar Items
Once you have started decorating using your starting point item, you can find other decorative items in similar colors to fill in. 

If your starting point item is red, green, and blue, you can decorate using red items, green items, red and green items, blue items, blue and red items, etc. 

Try to repeat a color in 3 different places in a room to add color and interest to all parts of your room.


Modify What You Have
If you are happy with the way your room is decorated, consider modifying what you have to add more color. 

You can paint furniture in an accent color, change a pillow cover, add a slipcover to your sofa, or reupholster a chair to add more color to your room.


Black and White
Adding a few touches of black and white to a room can help the colors stand out and feel less muddy.



If you wish to paint your walls, select a paint color for your walls to compliment your starting point object. 

You can even paint the ceiling if you desire.





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