Are you afraid of picking the wrong paint color for your home?

Will it be too bright, too boring, or change colors in different lighting?

Here are some tips and tricks aid you in selecting the perfect paint color to compliment your decor.

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Paint Colors for Your Homephoto courtesy of Leon Brocard Paint After Your Decor
There is basically an unlimited selection of paint colors to choose from (since most paint stores can color match objects), so select your room decor first, then select a paint color to coordinate with your decor.

If you have dark items in your room, you may want to select a light paint color.

If you have light items in your room, you may want to select a dark paint color.

Select a color for your walls that is used a little in your decor, but not the primary color of your decor.

If you have a comforter that is primarily red, with a green swirl pattern with small yellow dots, then the yellow dot color would be a good choice for the wall color.


Lots of Swatches
When selecting a paint color, get lots of paint swatches to bring home and try in your room.

Most stores that sell paint have free paint color swatches, so don't be afraid to get 20 or more.

Attach all of the paint color swatches that you have selected to your wall to see how they look.

Look at the swatches at least 5 feet away so you can see the paint sample and your decor at the same time.

Look at the paint samples several times throughout the day since the color of light changes during the day and can alter the way paint colors appear.


Remove the Ones You Dislike
You will probably have many choices and not know which is best.

Start by eliminating the ones that you do not like.

Sit down at least 5 feet away from the wall  your have your paint samples on.

One by one, go to the wall and take down the paint samples that are your least favorite.

You will eventually be left with one or just a few.

If you are left with just a few and still do not know which one is best, invite friends, neighbors, and family over to get their opinion and they will usually guide you towards the best paint color.

You can also purchase small paint testers to bring home and paint a small section of your wall to help you select the best color.


Lighter and Darker but the Same Color
If you want to paint any alcoves, niches, or the back wall of your bookcases a different value (lighter or darker) of the same paint color, select a shade 2 levels lighter or 2 levels darker to be your accent color on the same color strip as your wall color.

The accent color is often unnoticeable if you only select 1 level lighter or darker.


Don't forget to paint your ceiling, especially if you have crown molding, to make your home look more finished and accentuate the crown molding.

A color with a much lighter value than the color of your walls would be nice. 

You can even get white ceiling paint and mix in some of your wall paint to give it a touch of color. 

When in doubt, light khaki is popular.

Chocolate brown, black, or metallic ceilings can be very dramatic.


Paint Sheen
Make sure to select the best paint sheen for your home.

Shiny paints are more durable while matte colors hide imperfections in your walls better.

A satin or eggshell finish is suggested for walls in homes with pets or children and in bathrooms and kitchens because it is somewhat durable but not too shiny.

Flat or matte paint is suggested for ceilings or in homes with little traffic because it hides imperfections in the drywall and has a suede-like appearance.





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