Did you know that you can use paint to make something look like stainless steel? 

You can paint appliances (a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven, vent hood, washer, dryer, toaster, etc), home accessories, office furniture, ceramic tile, hardware, light fixtures, trash cans, faucets, bed frames, patio furniture, fireplace surrounds, chairs, the exterior of clawfoot bathtubs, cabinets, and more. 

A benefit to using faux painted stainless steel over real stainless steel is that there are fewer fingerprints. 

Also, if your appliance was magnetic, it will still be magnetic with stainless steel paint, unlike many stainless steel appliances. Tips and Tricks for How to Faux Paint to Look Like Stainless Steel

Select Your Paint
There are different types of stainless steel paints available.  Prices range from approximately $8 to over $50. 

Some stainless steel paint is sold as a kit with brushes and topcoat while others are sold with only paint. 

The more expensive paint kits tend to give a more realistic stainless steel look over the cheaper paints. 

Read the reviews of the different paints to determine the best one for your project. 

Some paints are in a spray can and others have to be brushed on.  The ones that brush on can create a brushed stainless look and can often be used inside the house since odors are less than spray paint (so you don't have unplug your refrigerator and take it outside).


Before your item is painted with stainless steel paint, it must be cleaned thorougly in order for the paint to stick properly. 

Use soap and water to start with, but you may need to resort to stronger cleaners to remove all grease and stains.


If necessary, sand your item to be painted.  Items that are very glossy may need to be roughed up a little in order to allow the paint to adhere.


Clean your item again to remove all sanding dust before proceeding.


If you desire, or if the stainless steel paint manufacturer's instructions tell you to, use a primer on your item. 

If you are painting something with a slight texture that you do not like, such a a refrigerator wtih a slightly bumpy texture, primer will reduce the visibility of the texture after it has been painted.


Follow the stainless steel paint manufacturer's directions for painting your item.  You may need to apply a finish coat to protect your painted item.




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