Most architectural trim and moldings (including baseboards, crown molding, chair rail, and plate rail) tend to be painted white.  Here are a few other paint color options for architectural trim and moldings.

 atmphoto courtesy of Crown Molding

Off White or Cream
If you don't care for bright white millwork, consider using an off white or cream color for your architectural trim and moldings.  Off white and cream colors are softer and not as harsh as bright white. 


Tan or Gray
If you are planning on keeping your walls white, you can go with a darker trim color, such as tan or gray, and still keep a calming neutral color scheme.


Dark Brown
You can paint your trim and moldings dark brown to mimic a dark stained wood.  Dark brown trim looks good with light colored walls.


Black is a bold choice for architectural trim and moldings that can have a very elegant and sophisticated look.  Black trim looks good in modern as well as traditional homes.  Consider pairing bold black trim with crisp white elements.

Wall Color
Your architectural trim can be painted the same color as your wall color for a streamlined aesthetic.


Bright Color, Bold Color, or Metallic
If you like to take chances with your home's decor, consider painting your architectural trim and moldings a bright color, a bold color, or a metallic color, such as silver, gold, nickel, brass, bronze, or copper. 


For a classic look, use stained millwork instead of painted millwork. 


For a cohesive home, keep all of the moldings in your home the same color.

If you want to be a bit daring with your millwork color, consider painting a small room or bedroom a unique color first, then move on to the larger rooms if you love the look.




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