If you have an old wicker chair, bench, head board, or other piece of furniture that is showing its age or is just plain and boring, consider painting it a fun, bright, bold, or trendy color to bring it back to life. 

Follow the steps below to paint your wicker furniture.


pwf4photo courtesy of WickerFurniture flickr.com/photos/wicker-furniture/8458058272/sizes/z/Remove Flaking Paint
If the paint on your wicker furniture is flaking off, use a wire brush to remove as much of the peeling paint as you can. 

You might also want to use a pressure washer, but be careful to not damage the wicker. 

Try to get the surface as smooth as possible.


Clean Well
Make sure your wicker furniture is free of dust, dirt, oil, and anything else that might not allow the paint to adhere properly. 

If it is very dirty, start by spraying it down with a garden hose. 

After that, clean it with soap and water. 

A degreaser, such as TSP, may be required if the surface has been in contact with anything greasy. 

If the wicker is mildewed, use a bleach and water solution to remove the stains. 

Make sure the wicker is totally dry before painting else the paint won't adhere properly. 

Make any necessary repairs at this time.


Use a spray paint primer on your wicker furniture. 

If the wicker was previously painted with oil based paint, make sure to continue using oil based paint else the paint won't adhere properly. 

When painting, turn the chair upside down and spray the underside first before turning right side up and spraying the more visible side.


Paint the wicker furniture using a good quality spray paint.  Make sure to use outdoor spray paint if the wicker furniture is going to be outside. 

Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area. 

Make sure to use a drop cloth and protect the area around where you are spraying since spray paint can over spray into places you don't want it to. 

Use several very thin coats instead of 1 heavy coat of spray paint. 

Spray from different angles so all sides of the wicker are covered. 

Make sure to allow appropriate time for the paint to dry before using, per the paint manufacturer's directions.


Tip....to touch up small spot on white wicker, consider using White Out correction fluid.





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