Have you ever considered painting plastic but are unsure if the paint will actually adhere to a smooth surface? 

The good news is that you can paint plastic.  Your basic plastic items can be personalized with a fun and unique color. 

You can paint a plastic sculpture, a computer mouse, kids outdoor ride on toys, a trash can, a decorative bowl, crates, a helmet, yard art, PVC pipe, curtain rods, an outdoor planter, switch plates, a mailbox, lawn chairs, a suitcase, plastic Easter eggs, the outside of a bird feeder or bird house, picture frames, a table, storage containers, a wagon, the outside of a water bottle, Christmas ornaments, an office chair, jewelry, a soap container, coat hangers, a cell phone protective case, fake fruit, or whatever you wish. 

Here are the steps to take in order to paint plastic. 


 Tips and Tricks for How to Paint Plasticphoto courtesy of JustyCinMD flickr.com/photos/justycinmd/6973725443/Clean
Your plastic item must be very clean before painting. 

You can use plain soap and water or whatever cleaner you usually use to clean it. 


You must rough up the shiny surface of your plastic item for the paint to adhere. 

Sand the plastic with a fine grade sand paper or steel wool. 

Make sure to sand every little spot until the plastic is no longer shiny. 

If you can see scratch marks and you desire a high quality painted finish, you may want to follow up the initial sanding by sanding with a finer grade sand paper or steel wool. 

Wipe off all sanding dust with a tack cloth or slightly damp towel and make sure it is completely dry before proceeding.


Paint your plastic with a specialty plastic primer

The plastic primer will adhere to plastic better than regular primer. 

Plastic primer is usually sold in a spray can.


Paint your plastic using specialty plastic paint

Plastic paint comes in both an aerosol spray and a brush on paint - use whichever paint works best for your project. 

If spray painting, use several light coats instead of one heavy coat for the best results and to reduce the risk of paint drips.






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