That stinky paint smell is not just annoying, it is actually hazardous chemicals that you are breathing into your body.

Here are some options for getting rid of that stinky paint odor.


How to get Rid of Paint Odorphoto courtesy of Robert S. Donovan VOC Paint
The best option is to use no VOC paint.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.

This paint does not smell and does not contaminate the air inside your home.

Most paints with VOCs will stop smelling bad after a few days, but they still release harmful toxins in the air for up to a year after painting.


Fresh Air
If you have already painted without no VOC paint, you can open windows to let fresh air inside.

Just opening one window will not work nearly as well as opening two windows on either side of the room, creating cross ventilation.

The air will blow in one window and out the other, removing some of the toxic air in the process.

You can even add a box fan to the window to increase air flow. 

Make sure to keep the doors to other rooms in your home closed so the paint smell does not go throughout the house.


Air Conditioner
Run your air conditioner or whole house fan to remove the stinky new paint smell.

Depending on your air conditioner, this may distribute the smell to other rooms in your home.


Air Purifier
Purchase an air purifier to clean the air in your home and remove new paint smell.

The air purifier will remove toxins and reduce bad air from the paint and other sources in your room.


Cover the Smell
You can do things like adding potpourri to the room, adding a cut up onion to the room, adding vanilla extract to your paint, or spraying air freshener in the room, but that only covers up the bad air smell in your home and does nothing to remove the air pollutants.




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