Most people who say they are afraid of color are really not afraid of color - they are afraid of spending money on something that is a particular color and not liking it, or they are afraid that the future owners of their home may not like it. 

Don't be afraid or color.  You should be more afraid of people not liking your home because it is dull, generic, and boring. 

Here are a few ideas for decorating when you are color phobic.

Decorating Advice for People Who Are Afraid of Colorphoto courtesy of angi231700 Beige
If you are afraid of color, the last place you should resort to is the color beige. 

If you need to paint your walls a color, select white or even a light gray, but not boring beige like every other house in your neighborhood.  


Small Doses of Color
If buying a blue comforter for your bed scares you, then buy a white or gray comforter and put a decorative blue pillow on it. 

Look at your bed without the pillow, then look at the bed with the pillow and decide if it looks better or worse. 

If you hate it, return the pillow to the store. 

If you like it, consider getting an additional pillow to add to the bed, perhaps in a different color.


A Touch of Black
To offset all of the light colors in your home, add a few touches of black. 

Black is also a neutral color, so there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Black creates contrast with light neutral colors to add interest to your home.


If you do not want to add color to your home, add texture so your home does not feel sterile. 

You can select a soft fabric for curtains, a rough wicker basket full of magazines, old hardback books that are slightly tattered and worn, distressed wood, and a shiny neutral colored lamp to add texture. 


Hard back books used as accessories always add a nice texture and make your home feel welcoming. 

If using books exclusively for decorative purposes, remove the paper jackets and consider the color of the spine of the book in relation to the colors in your room.


Stained Wood
Stained wood elements in a home create warmth. 

Neutral colored rooms often feel sterile, so adding stained wood elements will make it more cozy and welcoming. 

Consider installing a wood floor, decorating with wicker baskets, and using stained wood furniture instead of painted furniture.


Natural Materials
If you are afraid of the items you select for your home going out of style, select natural materials instead of man made materials. 

Natural materials typically never go out of style. 

If you are selecting a countertop for your kitchen, select a neutral colored natural granite or marble instead of a solid white man made product. 

If you are selecting a wood floor for your home, select a real hardwood instead of a man made look alike laminate. 


Something Living
Adding a living plant or flowers to a room adds a fresh feeling as well as adding a little color.



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